Choose MAC to Repair Your Furnace

Choose MAC to Repair Your Furnace

Have you ever experienced a Michigan winter without a working heating system? We hope not! – and
if you don’t have the proper defense system against the cold you might find yourself shivering all
winter long. If your home’s furnace starts giving you trouble, or worse, breaks down altogether, you
need the assistance of a skilled HVAC company. That’s where MAC can help.

If you’re experiencing issues with your furnace this season, it’s important that you get them handled quickly and reliably. MAC is affording professional, high-quality furnace repairs to the residents of
Michigan with 30 years of combined experience, We can fix any issues you’re having with your system.


  • Inadequate Heat – –Perhaps the most obvious sign that a furnace needs to be repaired or
    replaced is that it is not producing sufficient hot air. If your thermostat settings are cranked up
    with lukewarm results, something is wrong. We can check for ductwork leaks, thermostat
    malfunctions, and furnace defects.
  • Increased energy bills –- if your heating costs are on the rise, this could be a sign that your
    furnace isn’t operating as efficiently as it could be. We can help you identify any
    energy-wasting issues your furnace may have and fix them professionally and reliably.
  • Poor Air Quality –- Furnace systems can dramatically impact indoor air quality. A dirty and
    poorly maintained furnace will circulate allergens, bacteria, and other particles with heated
    air. This can cause illnesses, respiratory ailments, and allergic symptoms such as itchiness,
    watery eyes, and headaches. Fortunately, air-quality problems are often solved by simply
    replacing the air filter, cleaning the ductwork, and dusting the unit.
  • Complete breakdown –- the worst-case scenario is that your furnace completely breaks down.
    In the event that this happens, call us for furnace repairs. There are times when furnace repairs
    just can’t wait, and you can depend on us when that happens.

Need to Repair Your Furnace ?

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  • Carbon Monoxide Detection– – Every furnace should be equipped with a carbon monoxide
    detector to trigger an alarm when toxic gases are present. If this alarm goes off, immediately
    turn off the furnace and ventilate your home. A carbon monoxide leak is something to take
    very seriously. Schedule a professional inspection right away. 

  • Persistent Noises– – All furnaces make noise. Nevertheless, if you hear abnormal, jarring, and
    persistent noises, it may signal a major problem. 
    We in MAC have a thorough understanding of
    the correlations between specific furnace issues and certain sounds.

  • Odd Smell Coming from Furnace -– A smelly furnace does not necessarily signal a problem.
    The subtle smell of fuel can be a normal occurrence, especially during the season’s first use.
    However, most furnace odors should dissipate over time. If you notice an abnormally strong
    smell of fuel, an unusual or sudden odor, or a scent that doesn’t fade, you may be dealing
    with a gas leak or dust buildup inside your unit. we can inspect your system to assess what
    the odor is and where it’s coming from.

  • Dirty Filters– – We highly recommend changing your air filters at least once every 3 months. If you
    have pets and/or allergies, 
    you should switch your air filters every 2 months. Dirty and clogged
    air filters are bad for your health and the furnace itself. If caked in dirt, 
    a filter can also prohibit
    airflow, causing the heat exchanger to overheat.

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